There is Money in Blog

There are several ways on which you can Earn money online. In fact there are thousands but there are only few that I know and I wanna share is with you.....

I am not really sure how fast is the growth of blogging industry in the Philippines. I just know that I am part of the trend. If you are a blogger reading this article. I'm sure that you already know several ways how to earn money on blog. I'm sure that you know more than what I know so I suggest that when you have read this and you have anything to suggest, leave me a comment and make your suggestions so that I can update the informations here.

The Following are the things that I know in which you can earn money from blog

Google Adsense: It's a pay per click advertisement powered by the world's most powerful search engine "Google".

If your using blogger as your blog platform. It's easy to add an adsense unit because you just have to select add gadget in the layout window and select adsense from the list that will appear. Aside from google adsense, there are are other pay per click advertisement company like adbrite, widgetbucks, bidvertise, and so many others.

Blog Reviews: Blog reviews are a very popular method of getting and exchanging publicity or even supplementing one's income. You start earning by making some paid review.

I will not expand this because I have already written some article on How to Make Money Online so just follow the link.

"Wind Power", An Alternative Source of Energy

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My CooL Blog Template

Hi. As you can see I have make a total makeover in my blog. If you happen to see the old template there is a big difference. I decided to experiment and try something new. Its not been easy because it takes you a lot of patience and time for you to succeed. I have chosen this template because of it's modern design and it's nice layout.

Actually this design is not my first choice. I have tried other design and it causes me a lot of trouble. There was a point that I thought that I have totally lost my blog. I have messed up the codes and I don't know where to fix. Thanks God A computer expert and a blogger helped me to fix the problem.

I have not changed my design because I don't like that but because somehow I realized that designs can also be a helpful tool for me to attract more readers to stay on my site. And also thinking of the ways on how can I generate more traffic into my site. So this is one way that I think that I can do it.

So if you are planning to change your template. Here are the tips that I can give to you.....

Well, first and foremost. "Patience is virtue". You cannot expect that on the first time that you attempt to upload. you can be successful. It's natural to commit errors especially if you are not so familiar with the html codes that you are using.

"Follow instructions carefully". I strongly suggest that when you decided to change your template. You must carefully follow the instructions attached with the template that you have chosen. This will make your template more functional for your blog.

"Always backup". Before modifying any html codes be sure that you have backup your codes. Always make sure that you have copied your codes in your empty notepad so if you have messed up with the new code, you can revive the old template you have. This is for you to avoid messed up blog.

If you want this Template. Just download this

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Tips on how to get more Traffic into your Blog

I have written this article based on my experiences within one month of my blogging. Within this period I have find several ways on how to generate more traffic into my site. I am actually a newbie here so like any other newbie, I also have question what a traffic really is and how important it is in blogging.

A web traffic Refers to the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. It is a large portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.

Web traffic is measured to see the popularity of web sites and individual pages or sections within a site.So it means that the more traffic you get. The more popular you are. haha. If you see my sitemeter on the sidebar, I obtain that number of visitors for just three weeks. It might not be a big number but is a decent one. LOL!

The Following are the things that you need to do to increase your traffic.

Google Image:Google Image will bring traffic to your blog, if you know how to use it. This blog receives visitors who click on these images.See How you can increase great number of traffic using Google Image

* Social Bookmarking: Some social bookmarking network like digg and netscapes is effective. This networks allows your articles to be easily optimized by the search engines. Of course, you need to sign up for an account first before you get started.

After you created an account, you are now ready to submit articles. Be sure that you submit your best article and be surprised with the increase of traffic that you can get.

* Blogexplosion:Blogexplosion is the internet’s first blog exchange where thousands of bloggers visit each other’s blogs in order to receive tons of blog traffic. Imagine how many other people out there could be adding your blog to their blogroller and how many people would be reading your blog every day with this sort of attention. It’s free to use and effective.

*Do some marketing strategy: I mean, it's not illegal if sometimes you advertise your blog to your friends. Just be sure that when you do this, your blog must something related to the interest of your friend. He/She will really take time reading your blog if he/she finds his/her interest there.

*Choose the right Topic: It's effective to be informative. Be sure that you write your article as interesting as you can.

Page impression: Page Layout can be an effective tool to keep your viewers glued. Especially in blog explosion. If you have a nice profile. They will take time to view it.

Check How to Earn Money Online


At last. After one week, I am almost finished editing my new template. It was really hard. I spend so much time and money on it. HAHA. But it doesn't matter to me now because at least I have seen the fruits of all my efforts. You may find html editing jobs so easy cause maybe you are an expert on it. Well for me, if you read the article ABOUT ME in the sidebar, you will realized why I'm having a hard time doing this. I am a nurse not a computer wizard. hehe.

Well, I just do it by myself so I'm so happy because I came up with this layout. Actually, all that I did id copy paste job. Of course I did not generate the codes myself because my knowledge about it is just too little. I just know the basics and nothing else advance. I'm still finding ways on how can I customize this layout more. I wanna make most out of it. It may look unprofessional now, but I do my very best to make the best improvement that I can do to this profile. Read More...

Watch Free Porn Movies: No need to Download

Hi. If your search is diverted into my page, you are in good hands haha. I dont want to display nudity in my blog so I will show you the links only.

Free Movie # 1

Free Movie # 2

Free movie # 3

Free movie # 4


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Crestron's home automation iPhone app demoed at CEDIA


Make no mistake about it, the iPhone (and the App Store in particular) has made the lives of many home owners much, much easier. As it stands, there are already a few apps out there that interface with Crestron gear, but to date, there's no official Crestron app to fiddle with. But give it 60 days or so and there will be -- at least, that's the good word over at the company's booth today at CEDIA. Said application will be 100% free to download, and as you can see in the gallery over at Engadget HD, it elegantly enables wired home owners to control lighting, temperature and all sorts of other things via WiFi or 3G, at home or anywhere else in the world. Users can even program in settings for multiple houses, enabling them to turn the AC on in Orlando while blasting the heat in Jackson Hole. So let's see, all you need now is an iPhone, a couple properties, a few dozen grand to blow on Crestron HA gear and a tiny bit of patience. Read More...

How To Use Google Image To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Use Google Image To Increase Blog Traffic
soure:This article was originally written by vloghog

Google Image will bring traffic to your blog, if you know how to use it. This blog receives visitors who click on these images.

By following these steps, not only will you bring traffic to your blog but you will improve your Google search rank.

1. Go to Google Image

2. Type in a subject related to your blog post. For instance, for you're blogging about Alicia Keys, type in Alicia Keys.

3. Pick a picture featuring Keys (or whatever subject you decide).

4. Click on the image and then select see full-size image. It's in blue at the top of the page.

5. When the image is the ONLY thing on the screen, copy the url in the address bar. The image must take up the screen like this for this step to work.

6. At some point in your blog post, link to that image using the url you copied.

When someone searches for Alicia Keys using Google Image search, your blog will be listed as one of the sites using the image you chose.

Even though another blog or website is listed below the picture, if you have linked to the image, you will receive traffic. Look at this example when you type in AirPower at Google Image.

Linking through Google Image works best when the image and subject of your blog are in sync. For example, if the image is of Bill Gates, you'll get a longer stay at your blog if you're also writing about him.

Of course, you must take into consideration the copyright laws when linking to photos, wallpaper and images. As it states in Google Image, images may be subject to copyright.

Everybody wants blog traffic. You. Me. Them. To increase your blog traffic, you must use many methods. Google Image is one tool that can help you achieve your goals.

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Chapters of My Life: Tips For Girls To Attract Boys (From Boys Perspective) PART - 2

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Firefox to Embrace Porn With New Private Browsing Mode

source: Digg — Mozilla is jumping on the “private browsing” bandwagon, with developers already working hard to ensure the new feature ships in Firefox 3.1, due to arrive at the end of 2008. Private browsing, or “porn mode” as it’s often referred to since that’s the most obvious use, restricts the information that your browser gathers as you visit web sites Read More...

Web Hosting Provider

As many of you know, I run a few websites including this one from my dedicated server. It allows me to have my own domain name and not someone else like or something else. Occasionally, I shop around the various web hosts providers to see if I can find a cheaper price. I found a good site that does comparisons and reviews of the various vendors called Web Hosting Rating. The site is great because I know I will pick a high quality provider instead of some cheap provider that goes down all the time. Believe me I have some bad experience in the past for not researching on web hosting providers before I made my purchase. It is a very good idea to use Web Hosting Rating website to read up on reviews and research to protect yourself/business. In addition, Web Hosting Rating site has tons of beneficial articles that you can read as well. If you are in need of a new hosting provider, check out Web Hosting Rating website to find a cheap and reliable web hosting provider for your growing business. Read More...



Many Ideas on How to Earn Online.

There are numerous ways to earn money on the Internet. All are absolutely free to do and will earn you some extra money to spend on anything you like! I use many of these program to earn anywhere from $100-$400 a month!

Taking Surveys - Get the real scoop on taking surveys and earning cash, points and prizes.

Testing Products - Always wanted to be a product tester? Looking for ways to start out, or get ideas on product testing? See our product tester information page.

Companies Hiring - What companies are hiring people to work at home? Who pays for working online or offers work at home jobs? Check out our list.

Playing Games - We admit it...we LOVE online bingo! Earn cash and prizes playing your favorite online games.

Reading Email - Paid for reading email? Yeah... we laughed about that too. Now...5 years later--checks still come in every month for reading email and surfing the net!

Typing/Clerical - The most requested work at home job! Typing jobs, clerical work and data entry positions must be THE hot job right now. We try to help you find the typing job of your dreams.

Freelance Work - You can earn by doing freelance work! I am living proof! I've worked at home doing all kinds of freelance work! I wrote city hot spot descriptions, took photos, moderated message boards and chat rooms....

Mystery Shopping - Ahhh... mystery shopping... Yes, this is a REAL way to earn cash, meals and more.

Give Away Free Stuff - Whenever I'm grocery shopping, there is always someone giving away free samples. Can you earn doing the same?

Shopping - Personal shoppers, mystery shopping and product testers.

Surfing the Web - You can earn cash and prizes just for using certain search engines and surfing the net.

Writing - I talk to people every week that earn by writing. I was also one of these folks! I had never had experience writing -- but I still landed a great job. Don't get discouraged. Writing might be for you too!

Customer Service - Help desks and order takers fall into this category.

Other Ideas - Other ideas for earning online and working at home.

Earn Free Stuff - Ways to earn cash, points, prizes and samples.

Be an Online Message Board Host - Great work at home job! Some times this position pays.

Got a Website? Turn Traffic into Profit - Turn your love of a hobby into a website that earns!

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Charice Performs In Oprah Winfrey Show

Charice make every Filipino around the world proud because, for one more time, she was chosen to be featured in the most prestigious Oprah Winfrey Show.

Charice, an original Filipino talent amazes millions of viewers around the world with her breath taking performances in every international shows she attended.

Knowing that she was already known as a great singer receiving a standing ovation in every show she performs, recently, while she was a guess in the Oprah show, she was surprised when her idol singer Celine Dion take time to greet her during the show.

Just watch this video.


Chrome: Google's New Web Browser

Google's new web browser: Chrome (beta)Google released the beta version of its new web browser today. It's called Chrome and you can download it here. Learn more about it here and here.

Certain features look interesting, like dynamic tabs, incognito mode and crash control. The safety features also appear to be quite impressive.

I'm really interested in the safety features, so I conducted a quick test with Chrome. I visited a site that I know contains malware to see if Chrome would stop me from visiting the URL (malware programs are particularly dangerous because they can infect your computer by simply visiting a URL.) Chrome performed well. It prevented me from visiting the URL, and offered a detailed explanation of the threat.

I can also report that Chrome is lightning fast: the application opens in a flash and browsing is effortless. This is based on my quick and dirty test. Who knows: it may slow down over time.

Chrome is only available for Windows XP and Vista. I'm going to take it for a more thorough test drive on my Windows XP machine later. I can't use it on my other machines since they run older versions of Windows.

If you decide to give it a try, feel free to post your comments here. Thanks! Read More...

Online Game

For the first time in history, the five Kingdoms of mythological China band together against their common enemies. A storm is brewing in the darkest reaches of the land, bringing monstrous enemies out of their dens, calling the dead from their rest, and fueling the fires of war.

From the Wind Plains come Taoist priests, who wield the magics of fire and water. From the emerald glades of the Phoenix Forest come arrow-slinging Archers. Out of the northern Deserts ride the dust devil Trojans, who dual-wield their curved weapons. From the reaches of the mighty Mountains come the foreboding Warriors. And in the future, another dark character may be joining us....

Conquer Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game set in mythological China. Some of the possibilities awaiting your character are:

1. Game World:
The 3D characters, NPCs, enemies and special effects of the game are blended with a richly designed 2D background, giving an embellished, polished game world for your character to explore. In the civilized lands of Conquer, there are 5 unique cities, 5 villages and their accompanying outlying lands. In addition, many wilderness areas are provided for players to explore, with quests, dungeon delving, magic, monsters and mysteries to unfold.

2. Characters:
From every corner of Conquer's lands comes a specialist hero. You have the option of playing a male or female character for each character type, providing a rich cast of characters for you to try: Archer, Taoist, Trojan and Warrior. Each class has armors to try, weapons to test and glory to attain.

3. Social:
Form guilds, join a team, meet friends and conquer together! You can sell items in the marketplace, chat with the townsfolk, start a guild war, make an alliance and much more.

Introduction

How to Get Paid to Play Video Games

Do you play video games for 6 to 24 hours a day? Do you love to game? Are you reading this blog? Well, use all of your gaming skills and get paid.

In the video below, Howcast produces a video show you how to get paid to play video games. Yeah, live the dream. Forget being a lawyer, a porn star or even a blogger, get paid to play Madden all day long while eating Ramen noodles.

Click here to see video

September 2008 Bar exam Results

Please bear with me because I haven't finished listing all the names.Maybe I finish this by next month. haha Read More...

Yes, Google Did Patent The Ocean-Powered Data Center

Yes, Google Did Patent The Ocean-Powered Data Center — Oh Google, will you never stop surprising me? Turns out, back in 2007, Google put in a patent application for an wave-powered server farm. According to the patent, they would like to distribute data centers closer to users, but it is sometimes difficult to come across places to put the server farms and cheap electricity to power them.

want to read the whole story?

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Spears dominates MTV awards show

Singer Britney Spears has swept the board at the MTV Video Music Awards show in Los Angeles, collecting three prizes for her track Piece of Me.

The 26-year-old, whose performance at last year's ceremony was widely panned, thanked "God first and foremost for just blessing me like this".

The other winners at the show in Hollywood included the Pussycat Dolls, Linkin Park, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

And there were performances from Kanye West, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

West left the ceremony - hosted by British comic Russell Brand - empty-handed.

He fell out with MTV after last year's show when he failed to win any prizes and had vowed never to perform at the awards again.

And in 2006 he publicly complained about not winning best video at the MTV Europe awards.

Spears has suffered a year of health problems and legal difficulties which saw her lose custody of her children, while her father James has taken legal control of her affairs.

Her video for Piece of Me won the main prize - video of the year.

It beat Chris Brown's Forever, Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers, When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls and the Ting Tings' Shut Up and Let Me Go to the coveted prize.

The same promo also earned Spears the awards for best video by a female artist and top pop video.

She had been nominated for MTV video awards 16 times before but had never won.

"Wow, thank you, I'm in shock right now," she said as she collected her third and final trophy.

"I was not expecting this. This is such an honor to have this award right now. I want to thank my fans. This is dedicated to you."

source.

I'm back

Hi! at last, after 3 long days since I have posted my last article in this blog, I am now back in action. I have just rest for three days because it's weekend. I did miss you all.hehe. Sorry, I am not much updated about the events happening in the environment because I went for an adventure in the province. I tell you later what happened there. haha.. Read More...

Gustav Structs

Hurricane Gustav (pronounced /ˈgʊstɑːv/) was the seventh tropical cyclone, third hurricane and second major hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Gustav caused serious damage and casualties in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, and the United States.
It formed on the morning of August 25, 2008, about 260 miles (420 km) southeast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and rapidly strengthened into a tropical storm that afternoon and into a hurricane early on August 26. Later that day it made landfall near the Haitian town of Jacmel. It inundated Jamaica and ravaged Western Cuba and then steadily moved across the Gulf of Mexico.

Reference.

Vampire Mania

To All MoonLight Fanatics out there, I have Something for you. Follow this link for you to find out. It's exciting. I'm sure you don't want to miss this

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Prison Break Fan

Prison Break (2005) Season 1 - Due to a political conspiracy an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out from the inside out.

Prison Break (2006) Season 2 - Escaping prison was just the beginning. Escaping the country is now the priority.

Prison Break (2007) Season 3 - Back in prison with only one hope. PRISON BREAK RETURNS SEPTEMBER 17.

# Who I Want to Meet:

Need Scholarship???

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