Tips on how to get more Traffic into your Blog

I have written this article based on my experiences within one month of my blogging. Within this period I have find several ways on how to generate more traffic into my site. I am actually a newbie here so like any other newbie, I also have question what a traffic really is and how important it is in blogging.

A web traffic Refers to the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. It is a large portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.

Web traffic is measured to see the popularity of web sites and individual pages or sections within a site.So it means that the more traffic you get. The more popular you are. haha. If you see my sitemeter on the sidebar, I obtain that number of visitors for just three weeks. It might not be a big number but is a decent one. LOL!

The Following are the things that you need to do to increase your traffic.

Google Image:Google Image will bring traffic to your blog, if you know how to use it. This blog receives visitors who click on these images.See How you can increase great number of traffic using Google Image

* Social Bookmarking: Some social bookmarking network like digg and netscapes is effective. This networks allows your articles to be easily optimized by the search engines. Of course, you need to sign up for an account first before you get started.

After you created an account, you are now ready to submit articles. Be sure that you submit your best article and be surprised with the increase of traffic that you can get.

* Blogexplosion:Blogexplosion is the internet’s first blog exchange where thousands of bloggers visit each other’s blogs in order to receive tons of blog traffic. Imagine how many other people out there could be adding your blog to their blogroller and how many people would be reading your blog every day with this sort of attention. It’s free to use and effective.

*Do some marketing strategy: I mean, it's not illegal if sometimes you advertise your blog to your friends. Just be sure that when you do this, your blog must something related to the interest of your friend. He/She will really take time reading your blog if he/she finds his/her interest there.

*Choose the right Topic: It's effective to be informative. Be sure that you write your article as interesting as you can.

Page impression: Page Layout can be an effective tool to keep your viewers glued. Especially in blog explosion. If you have a nice profile. They will take time to view it.

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