At last. After one week, I am almost finished editing my new template. It was really hard. I spend so much time and money on it. HAHA. But it doesn't matter to me now because at least I have seen the fruits of all my efforts. You may find html editing jobs so easy cause maybe you are an expert on it. Well for me, if you read the article ABOUT ME in the sidebar, you will realized why I'm having a hard time doing this. I am a nurse not a computer wizard. hehe.

Well, I just do it by myself so I'm so happy because I came up with this layout. Actually, all that I did id copy paste job. Of course I did not generate the codes myself because my knowledge about it is just too little. I just know the basics and nothing else advance. I'm still finding ways on how can I customize this layout more. I wanna make most out of it. It may look unprofessional now, but I do my very best to make the best improvement that I can do to this profile.

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow great!buti ayus na :)

Jules said...

wow looking good hehe

Wally Banners said...