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Hi. As you can see I have make a total makeover in my blog. If you happen to see the old template there is a big difference. I decided to experiment and try something new. Its not been easy because it takes you a lot of patience and time for you to succeed. I have chosen this template because of it's modern design and it's nice layout.

Actually this design is not my first choice. I have tried other design and it causes me a lot of trouble. There was a point that I thought that I have totally lost my blog. I have messed up the codes and I don't know where to fix. Thanks God A computer expert and a blogger helped me to fix the problem.

I have not changed my design because I don't like that but because somehow I realized that designs can also be a helpful tool for me to attract more readers to stay on my site. And also thinking of the ways on how can I generate more traffic into my site. So this is one way that I think that I can do it.

So if you are planning to change your template. Here are the tips that I can give to you.....

Well, first and foremost. "Patience is virtue". You cannot expect that on the first time that you attempt to upload. you can be successful. It's natural to commit errors especially if you are not so familiar with the html codes that you are using.

"Follow instructions carefully". I strongly suggest that when you decided to change your template. You must carefully follow the instructions attached with the template that you have chosen. This will make your template more functional for your blog.

"Always backup". Before modifying any html codes be sure that you have backup your codes. Always make sure that you have copied your codes in your empty notepad so if you have messed up with the new code, you can revive the old template you have. This is for you to avoid messed up blog.

If you want this Template. Just download this

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