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As many of you know, I run a few websites including this one from my dedicated server. It allows me to have my own domain name and not someone else like blogspot.com or something else. Occasionally, I shop around the various web hosts providers to see if I can find a cheaper price. I found a good site that does comparisons and reviews of the various vendors called Web Hosting Rating. The site is great because I know I will pick a high quality provider instead of some cheap provider that goes down all the time. Believe me I have some bad experience in the past for not researching on web hosting providers before I made my purchase. It is a very good idea to use Web Hosting Rating website to read up on reviews and research to protect yourself/business. In addition, Web Hosting Rating site has tons of beneficial articles that you can read as well. If you are in need of a new hosting provider, check out Web Hosting Rating website to find a cheap and reliable web hosting provider for your growing business.

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