Chrome: Google's New Web Browser

Google's new web browser: Chrome (beta)Google released the beta version of its new web browser today. It's called Chrome and you can download it here. Learn more about it here and here.

Certain features look interesting, like dynamic tabs, incognito mode and crash control. The safety features also appear to be quite impressive.

I'm really interested in the safety features, so I conducted a quick test with Chrome. I visited a site that I know contains malware to see if Chrome would stop me from visiting the URL (malware programs are particularly dangerous because they can infect your computer by simply visiting a URL.) Chrome performed well. It prevented me from visiting the URL, and offered a detailed explanation of the threat.

I can also report that Chrome is lightning fast: the application opens in a flash and browsing is effortless. This is based on my quick and dirty test. Who knows: it may slow down over time.

Chrome is only available for Windows XP and Vista. I'm going to take it for a more thorough test drive on my Windows XP machine later. I can't use it on my other machines since they run older versions of Windows.

If you decide to give it a try, feel free to post your comments here. Thanks!

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