Google Page Rank Checker: "The Airpower is Rank 3"

Hi there everybody, so nice to be back again from a very long holiday and weekend vacation. I have not checked my blog for about 3 days because I was gone for a vacation in the province. So today I'm checking it in to know how things are going on. And so I was surprised what I have found out. hehe

I have just checked my page rank today in Google page rank checker. I got PR 3. I don't really understand it's value. I was just told by my friend Aldwin to check my page rank there and so I did.

I just wanna ask you, Should I be happy for it? hehe. Maybe I think so! Because last time my friend Aldwin was so happy when he knew that he have page rank of 3 also.

Hmmn. what do you think?

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