Happy "Moments": It happened last Weekend

I got a really exciting and extraordinary weekend last week. Although it is a short vacation but I can equate it to a one month long long vacation. It's rainy season so you can't expect me to go to beach. Where did I go? Hmmn?

Actually, it was not only I, because I was together with my family that time. It was a feast in my home town. After about 2 years, It's the first time that I came back there.

If you are a Filipino reading this article, you can definitely relate how lively, happy and alive is feast celebration here in our country. Every feast celebration here in the Philippines is remarkable. As for every Filipinos knowledge, we know that feast is always associated with party, dancing, eating, and a lot of fun and games.

I did experience all of those things last weekend. I went up party all night, go having fun the whole day long, chit chat with some childhood friends, eat a lot, etc. It was really amazing. It's my first time to party and eat a lot. In fact i haven't slept for the entire 24 hours because of the non-stop activity and happenings. It's my best weekend so far since I started to get stressed because of work.

Hope that that will happen again.

I will soon post photos about this so watch out.

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