RR Enriquez Scandal

She is really so hot and Scandalous. haha. Every men finds her hot and sizzling. Like sisig in sizzling plate. LOL! :) Many Filipino men,.. me being one of them admires her so much not only because of her appealing sexiness and personality but also because of her extraordinary sense of humor. Being a witness in her humble beginning as one of the Wowowees ASF dancers, RR now is one of the shows main host together with other three female host, Valerie, Pokwang, and Mariel. Her natural talent to make people laugh makes her unique and standout among the others.

You might be wondering where is the scandal here? Well, just take a look of her beauty and charm. Isn't it scandalous enough? haha.

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aldwin said...

nyay..okies2. hehe

musta work?



halown party mi unya..hekz