My Divided Attention

Hi if you notice it's been for a quite a long time since I last posted an article here in my blog. My career is really getting busy. I just don't have time to have more hour in front of the computer screen because I am getting enough of it especially in the nature of my job.

At 19, I am already have my first job working as a call center agent. Since this is my first job, maybe I'm just experiencing the great coping mechanism that I have to adopt from being a student to a full time working professional.

I just find it so tiring because I have to be awake at night and sleep during the daytime, and I hate it because I can't sleep well when the sun is up. Another reason is maybe because I am living separately from my family now. I am not used to it because I usually used to being in their comfort. Although I am not really dependent to them but I am not really sure if I want them living away from me.

Recently, I thought how could I maximize the time that I have to divide it wisely for my job. family, and personal life and posting in this blog is included with that. I hope I could have enough time to conduct some study and post better informations in my Blog In the Future.

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